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Ren is a protagonist in Little Dragons Café. If Rin is chosen, Ren will be one of the cafe staffs.


When working in the cafe, he is most likely to be cleaning up after the customers. When slacking off he will have sweat droplets and begin sweeping the floor.


Ren is the twin brother of Rin and the son of Carren. He and Rin work together to make the Little Dragon Cafe popular and raise Draco in hopes that it will provide the help needed to restore Carren's blood to sync well. Ren will give you any recipe fragments he manages to find.


Inside the cafe Ren will wear his jerkin over his top. Outside Ren have a scarf on, wear his outdoor outfit and wear a headband with goggles.


Ren is shown to be the "sane" person of the group. He is shown to be at times too nice and polite, something Dr. Zeff points out to them. His mood depends on how the cafe is doing; sad when things aren't going well and happy when good reviews come in.


Like his mother, Ren is also part dragon.




"I found a recipe fragment!"

"Oh! Sorry! I'll do it right now!"

"Rin, let's go to sleep soon? I'm sleepy."

"It's such a nice day outside. Maybe I should go for a walk!"

"The feedback wasn't great... I wonder where we can improve."

"Our reputation is getting better! Everyone's working so hard."

"We're getting great feedback from the customers! Let's keep up the good work!"

"Draco can fly now! Wanna take a ride?"

"Draco looks happy! It must like these windy days."

"Draco got so big! I guess it's not an adult yet, though."

"What a busy day. I just want to relax and play with Draco."

"Draco was moving obstacles out of the way the other day! Amazing!"

"Draco is getting bigger a the time. Washing it is going to be a hassle..."

"Apparently, there's a hill with a nice view deep in the forest. I want to check it out!"

"Why don't you go play in the forest with Draco? It'll make Draco really happy!"

"Looks like Draco can move lumber that's in the way now. It's getting stronger and stronger!"


  • Much like his twin sister Rin, Ren is capable of understanding robot language. It isn't touched on as to where and how they obtained this skill.


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